A Kitchen of Her Own (AKOHO) is a social art project to raise
awareness about everyday violence against women and girls. 

I also seek to answer questions about women’s relationship to the kitchen by using the kitchen as an investigative experimental creative space. I will examine how diverse meanings and objects contained in the kitchen represent and contribute to questions about society, economics, ethics, personal mobility, identity and creative expression.

Food has been an important subject in art as long as humans existed. It is a way to communicate between people and a form of creative expression. Food can also be a performance- cooking, serving, eating and the rituals involved. Kitchen objects and utensils can reflect the power of tradition and evoke vivid memories in the mind of the narrator.

The OFFicial Launch Date is November 25th, 2017 Coinciding with International Day for the ElimINation of Violence Against Women.

on December 2nd, AKOHO will Present THE interactive installation "ONE MILLION" by Austrian Artist Uli Aigner. 


ULI AIGNER CREates vessels that cover the entire range of a household’s eating utensils: mugs, cups, bowls, jugs, plates and accessories such as egg cups, strainers, teaspoons, etc. She STATES, "POTTERY IS HIGHLY CONCENTRATED MATTER. THE CERTAINTY OF BEING ABLE TO MAKE A COMMODITY OUT OF A PIECE OF DAMP EARTH THAT ANYONE MAY NEED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, AT ANY TIME, CONNECTS US WITH THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT." 

the collaboration between A Kitchen of HER OWN and ONE MILLION is a highly interesting and relevant form of exchange between TWO Female Artists, Continents, Cultures, Space/Objects and Positive Artistic-ActivisM in Society. 

Aigner has created the Porcelain Dinnerware for 20 women That will Be Permanently Installed at AKOHO. 

As Part of Our Collaboration We will host A Private Dinner that brings 20 women together that are survivors, activists, artists, first responders and business leaders in the community that have an invested interest in eliminating violence against women in their local communities. Through My Kitchen and HEr Porcelain wE Create a Space and BEGIN THE Conversation for Social Change.

UpcomIng TimeLine OF Events

  • December 2nd, 2017- OneMillion@AKOHO Private DinNER

  • December 3rd, 2017- OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 11:00am-7:00PM wITH A Lecture By ULI AiGNER at 4:00PM

  • December 4th- 6TH- OPEn TO THE PUBLIC WITH Artists Onsite

  • December 7th to the Future- One Million Permanently installed at AKOHO- Artist Shari Pierce will Remain onSite Until Further NoticE